Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It is time that Thais should be designed to further democracy and reconciliation.

Democracy for reconciliation. Democracy means that each half of a different culture. The democratic culture of the traditional (Classical democratic regime) to the culture of modern democracy (Post-modern democratic regime) as a result of faith, values, traditions, Ptastan different. The gap in access to different cultures. This means that people can not reach the elite level. Or accept the authority of the people in the class. It is a source of conflict due to social conflict in the interests of the national budget allocated to the community. Or income distribution, the distribution of opportunities thoroughly. Therefore, there should be legislation to create a harmonious transition to a separate budget for development on all levels. Thailand should develop a grass-roots level, but the poorest have a better life ahead. Including the creation of the concept of reconciliation by bringing religion to help revive the idea of ​​human needs without end. This means that many people who have already had a lot to desire. But do not lose their benefits. Or sacrifice the other classes. Cause endless problems. The government should put a mechanism. The structure of national reconciliation in the budget that  was clear. For example, at the grassroots level should allocate budgets for the national welfare. The budget allocated to the middle of creating a future without the use of a host system. But the state should provide financial opportunities for people to get the flexibility of a better life without destroying a small business, the financial system should lead to the restoration of the Beijing and earn money. For example, income from investment abroad. Investors around the world by inviting investors to develop the Thai people to have more employment. For example, in Africa, the Middle East and the preparation of Thai OTOP minimart around the world to move to a foreign country. By encouraging foreign investors to joint venture (Joint venture) to promote Thai people abroad to bring foreign goods into the country. And sending Thai workers to work abroad a lot. Thus, reconciliation is not just about a reconciliation. It is a vision of reconciliation, the distribution of benefits and the earth. But the middle class and senior citizens should accept the grassroots to the good quality of life. It does not mean it will not develop the middle class. The way of monopoly in the Alliance. The Thai people have a job แlai future. I should not venture into new ventures. The blend of old and new concepts in harmony with the Ham TriForma reconciliation breath fresh all parties. It is uncomfortable to have a party too. But people have high availability to the public is supposed to sacrifice my own.

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