Monday, July 4, 2011

The government has failed to make a country. But another government must become to help for cure

Thai politics on the one government failed to help the country. And cause problems for the nation's economic crisis as a setback. And the people broke down. We have to pay a debt without end. A vicious circle that looks at the economy when the government solve the economic crisis has not received the praise. But look at the mistakes of others all the time really is of the view that the administration of government, good or bad. Thus, when an error occurs, and bureaucracy has caused problems when the new government was afraid of transferring the bureaucrat officials, which actually have to be fair. By works. To create a system of merit system not spoil system or depotism. Do not create a bureaucratic empire building, causing a big problem, the administration officials. The emphasis on the power of the people. The media are often invited, but that personnel officials to exchange ideas. Only to find that middle class people. The government has invited the public rarely pays attention to the poor. The media should be nonalignment. Government officials who perform well, they're not afraid to move. So the government is committed to eating well is good. If the government acts as a barrier to the well being of the people. It should solve the problem of political will to make it work effectively. But political parties can not be done with the inclination to choose the easier it is to work, regardless of ability, and professionalism. The public service as well.

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