Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thai government should transfrom educational reform

Thai education should be reform for the AEC competitiveness
         Now education in Thailand in configulation is very low rank when compare in ASIAN. Thailand education is rank at number 8 under 10 countries in ASIAN.    So Thai government should eager to reform the education administration and when compare all of the top 400 best education countries in the world, Thai education is arranged in ranking  about 389 from them.     So Prim Minister Yingluck should review and search for the path to improve educational system expecially in university level.   So I have comment to suggest the guildline for educational improvement as follow
   1. Define the strategic educational management in overview of all the universities
   2. Improve the higher education commission with the new path for competitiveness for preparing to entering AEC.
   3. Improve the rule or regulation for value added to create educational system to adapt for excellence education and motivate the quality teacher in all field by teacher talent management such as in the field of matchmatics, science, engineer,social science etc.
   4. Build the educational structure in every university by using quality administrator professional and put the quality teachers in all fields by measurement looklike CEO and concentrate on competency.
   5. Improve the modern organization avoiding bureaucracy and promote private university for competiveness.
   These five factors the writer bring the samples to address for improvement and hope that the government should rush to improve for increasing or uplift Thai educational system go forward and just in time when AEC entering to come.

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