Sunday, July 24, 2011

Democratic Intelligent in Thailand (ii)

          Democratic regime was originally an ancient Greek city-state was the first time about 500 years before B.E.  There is a direct democracy that majority of people can join the assembly and the right comment. Because of the Greek capital has a large territory, ample the population is relatively small. But in a democracy cannot be directly used. The public is much more than the opportunity to exercise the right to express them.  But the present democratic government through a representative that is the indirect democracy. As a representative of Rat’s Group Revolution and to the House of Representatives and the Senate the duty of the agent serves to gather, seek to meet the needs of the people at all levels is important in a country where most people have the economic status is not good. Whom we should the priority to the most poor group of people first.  If you focus on middle-class people, and a high level, it should be descending to the level of taxation revenue, enough to help those at the bottom up, as well as the foundation of the education system in developing its human resources to improve even more. People need to be well-being, quality of life. The key principle of democracy has three pillars: a. the ideology of democracy. the democratic and livelihoods democracy. And what is more important to the author that I called Intelligent democracy. This means cultivating a better democracy understanding of the Thai people in all levels of experience. Democracy is a need to understand, access and capacity building, especially with democratic politicians or executives, leaders need to know a deep understanding. And accept the rules together. And prevent a vicious circle to destroy power or the stability of political democracy. That is national security and all of the people of country, in which the internationalization of the world have focused on management, governance, good (Good Governance), the currents of this world to focus on transparency, responsibility, honesty, etc., so If the country does not fall under the rule of democracy is often denied to participate in the association. And thus affect the good relationship and to align for the trade with foreign trading.  That not the world are globalization in market place. The country cannot close the country by not to relate other country.
     1. Democracy in terms of governance. The democratic principle is a must. The Constitution is the consensus of the majority of the country. Without divide and rule by a class, caste, skin, sex. So everyone is equal under the law.
     2. Democracy in terms of the sign. Democracy is that in listening to all people. In term of the majority and protection of minority votes (Majority Rule, Minority Right), Democracy is not come from any one group. But they must come from the representatives of the people include public participation in political as much as possible.
     3. Democracy in terms of the method. Democracy is the way to democracy. But not to the coup (Coup de 'tat') because if it is not democracy but often seize power immediately. Although we will be against  a coup for democracy. And how to become a stable democracy.
     4. Democracy in terms of ideology. The majority of democratic countries have a common ideology. And agree together to sustain a lasting democracy. Do not fall on victim to the overwhelming popularity of political power, not democracy in the pursuit of personal gain or group of persons. But democracy is conducive to happiness to the majority of the country. It was quite difficult to do. Thai people tend to take over the group think but cannot skill to accept the different thinking for diverse classes. But I should have more tolerance in accepting the use of other non-democratic. Which is meant to play in games, not play the good rules, and what is not acceptable to play in the game. Democracy is not about emotions. It's the reason. To maintain democratic rule, it is extremely important.
     5. Democracy in terms of nation building. What is the most democratic forces unite together to liberate for further growth and development, national reconciliation and to maintain it without any mental bias or prejudice, or to enhance any benefit to the nation from damage.
6. Democracy in terms of morality. Democracy is not a selfish, greedy nation, regardless of accuracy, fairness. The character, not greedy, The people just do not take advantage of others, not to use the physical abuse of others. And concentrate open mind, a mind that is positive with regard to democracy, morality, respect for the country. It is a good example of every society in the world.

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